How to void a check

how to void a check

Do you know paper checks? Actually, filling them is now less common because more and more people manage their finances online. For this reason, the electronic check that replaces the paper check is very popular.

Of the many operations on checks, it is worth not only its implementation. It is equally important to cancel the check. How to void a check?

How to void a check

In some situations, voiding a check is simply necessary, so it’s always worth knowing how to do it. Below you will find a short instruction on how to cancel a check and not to cause any problems.

  1. First select a pen. It must be black or blue, no other color is allowed! Also choose a pen that cannot be erased by any means.
  2. Write the check in capital letters VOID. Be careful not to overwrite the numbers printed at the bottom of the check. You can also write VOID in lowercase in the amount, date, signature and recipient fields. These numbers are needed for verification.
  3. Make sure to mark the cancellation of your check in your checkbook or in your finance program. Make a copy and note the check number. It may be useful in the future.

Please note that once a check has been cancelled, you can no longer use it as a payment method. It’s simply not valid any longer and you can’t take it back – if you want to re-do it, you need to get another check issued.

voiding a check

When should you void a check

As we mentioned, there are many reasons why you may want to cancel a check sometimes. What is included in such reasons? Why do people cancel their checks?

  • configuration of direct payments. If you plan electronic payments or need to adapt to suppliers and configure automatic payments, voiding a check may be the solution.
  • direct payment – by cancelling a check, you can easily provide details such as the account number or bank number for the direct deposit.
  • regular payments – may be required by some centers, or just more convenient for you, especially if they concern regular and recurring payments – but it all depends on a particular situation.
  • error writing the check. If you make a mistake, for example you put an incorrect amount in a check, you must cancel the check. Only in this way will you prevent funds being deposited.

Is invalidating checks a very popular approach? Not necessarily, especially in countries where checks are still a means of payment, but not as strong as in the United States. It is worth considering that voided check may be required to set up many business direct deposits or electronic accounts.

However, be careful about canceling checks. Once canceled, the check becomes invalid and payment cannot be made. You have no checks? Nothing happens – you can still use other ways to accept and send payments. You can always follow other steps to set up direct deposit or electronic payments. However, checks are still very popular in the United States of America, although today their electronic form is more widely known.


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