Wooden photo boxes – Unique handicrafts for special memories

Wooden photo boxes

Photos and films that are a reminder of important moments in life deserve an appropriate setting. Wooden boxes, made by craftsmen who make up the team of the Wooden Shop, will work great in this matter. All products marked with the logo of this studio are unique handicrafts that allow you to store memories in a special place. There are no two identical boxes, just as there are no two identical pieces of wood. The brand’s offer is addressed to both private individuals, such as Young Couples, and business customers, such as photographers, filmmakers, etc.

Handmande Wooden Boxes

The flagship product of the Wooden Shop brand are hand-made boxes that are entirely made in Poland, based on high-quality pieces of wood. Such boxes are a great alternative to traditional albums. All products are unique and entirely designed and manufactured by the creators of the brand, enthusiasts who creates their artistic visions. Various images appear on individual boxes, for example, it can be animals or plants images. The company also accepts individual orders, so the order can be freely personalized. This is a great solution especially for filmmakers and photographers who can order boxes for their clients with their own logo. Direct clients can order boxes with engraved names, initials, important dates or selected graphics. To place an order for an individual project, it is necessary to use the configurator, which is available on the store’s website. The company’s mission is to create extraordinary frames for memories of high emotional value. All the products that are available in the company’s offer will steal the hearts of lovers of nature and ecology. Each box is created in accordance with the principles of respect for the environment. The brand’s offer is dedicated especially for filmmakers and photographers who love rustic and boho style.

Handmande Wooden Boxes

A wide offer of wooden boxes

The brand offers its customers many different variants of boxes, so that everyone can find a version customized to their expectations and needs. Wooden boxes are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of them have space only for photos or pendrive, while others are spacious and have enough space for both. The brand’s offer also includes boxes in various color variants – from subdued proposals, such as chestnut, oak or pine, through slightly more bold and extravagant colors, such as yellow, red, green or purple, to boxes in the vintage style, which are stylized as damaged and aged.

The boxes are painted with special stains and ecological varnishes. All colors are expressive and the effect is durable and resistant to abrasion. Under the layer of stain, you can still feel the rings characteristic of this material, so despite the colors used, the boxes still look natural.


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